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Here have another flexing picture😑. The only reason I post so many arm pictures is because I have noodle legs and whenever I wear shorts I question whether or not I even lift. 😡 BUT my goal is to get dem #thunderthighs ⚡️eventually. I work my ass off every leg day and the little shits won’t grow. Oh well. It’s good to have #goals. It keeps me motivated👍.

This girl is forever my inspiration. I hope to one day be as strong as she is, both physically and emotionally. I’m so glad she’s still on tumblr :) don’t know what I would do without her daily dose of sass and humor

This was the sweetest message. I smiled while reading it. It made me happy to make a blog again because as weird as I think it is to be an inspiration to some people, I’m happy to help others as much as I can. You’re amazing !




So I haven’t done this in a long time! If you don’t know what a BOTM is, it’s where one blog will be featured on my blog for one whole month and being promoted every day to my followers. The last time I did this, the winner gained 1,000 in one week and I didn’t have nearly as many followers as I do now. Read below to see how you can be picked…


  1. Reblog this post 
  2. No unhealthy blogs of anykind, You will be automatically disqualified
  3. Must be following me
  4. Be a real health / fitness blog with a real journey that I can read about and that you post about. No blogs that are just weird drones will be chosen. 

Winner Receives:

  1. Multiple promo’s every day (lots of new followers!)
  2. Screenshot of their blog on my blog for the entire month of August
  3. Any theme or blog help
  4. A new friend and anything else he/she wants!

I will be picking the winner, BY RANDOM, on July 30th! (TIP: you can reblog this post as many times as you want, it will give you a higher chance of winning)

Any questions just ask!

Good luck!

Discipline vs. Restriction
Discipline: Discipline is doing things even when you don't want. Working out even though you want to stay on tumblr or when you just feel like watching tv. Not eating all 20 cookies after you've cooked them or 10 brownies at the party. Not having 10 glasses of a sugary drink, instead only having 1 or 2. Eating in moderation and exercising a good amount per week, but still giving yourself a little room for error. And definitely not going to the gym while you are sick!
Restriction: Not allowing certain foods or even food groups. Trying to make your calorie intake lower. Crash dieting and not allowing yourself to have even just 1 cookie. Restriction is depriving yourself and it is very unhealthy. Also, making yourself work out even when your sick or exercising for extremely long periods of time.
Restriction and Discipline are not the same thing. Constant and consistent restrictive behaviors are or may turn into disordered eating (even if you don't realize or understand it).




The farthest my body will allow me to go in kapotasana- king pigeon pose. Determined to keep on practicing 💜

Wow *-* Amazing!!! I’m far from that, but never quit practising! ;) Aaaaand congrats! ♡

Thank you for being so supportive :) I really appreciate the positive energy!



Everyone has a right to their opinion.

not you

k i get that nash’s been an asshole but if you think you’re any better by hating on him, you’re pretty shitty too????

im sure he got the message that he said something offensive from the other thousand people hating on him….

people are so hypocritical like everyone needs to shut the fuck up and stop making each other feel like shit.

“Yes, exercise does get easier with time, but it will never be “easy.” If it were easy, it wouldn’t be exercise. You see, beyond just getting your body moving (which is great but will only get you so far), exercise has to challenge you.”

I will write about the following, leave one in my ask box.

Dear person I hate,
Dear person I like,
Dear ex boyfriend,
Dear ex girlfriend,
Dear ex bestfriend,
Dear bestfriend,
Dear *anyone*,
Dear Santa,
Dear mom,
Dear dad,
Dear future me,
Dear past me,
Dear person I’m jealous of,
Dear person I had a crush on,
Dear girlfriend,
Dear boyfriend,
Dear [insert URL here],